About Us

WE STAND is a movement spreading across the world, excited to meet you. So come. Join us at a summit, uncover your potential, and explore the power of leadership. These one-day events are designed to help you – grade 9 to grade 12 students – shape your life for personal growth and collective good.

Designed like a concert, the day is unlike anything you have experienced before. Hear from passionate keynote speakers as they guide you through a journey of leadership. During the day, you should expect to learn, to get excited, to become inspired, and to continue making the world a better place for you and others.

You will be encouraged to discover that place where your unique skills and interests come together. You will reflect on the direction of your life and then be asked to lead in your own way. You will build the confidence it takes to make great things happen. Because, this is about change – personal, local and global. Discover how to build a better future. Be part of it.

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